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Political Journalism

Talking Points Memo – Joshua Micah Marshall (Progressive politics, elegantly argued.)

Air America (Progressive Web Site with Radio Stream)

Huffington Post.

Helena Cobban – Just World News (Veteran journalist, Middle East)

The Global Beat: Resources for the Global Journalist (Tom Engelhardt, The Nation Institute)

Majority Report Sam Seder and Janeane Garofalo on the Radio.

Los Angeles Free Press. Media Patrol

Orcinus(David Neiwert, freelance journalist)

The Nation.

War and Piece (Laura Rozen) Investigative Journalism

James Wolcott (Progressive Journalism, Media)

One Thousand Reasons. Political journalism from the left.

Weblogs News of the Arab world.

Baghdad Burning (Iraqi woman, computer programmer; nationalist)

Best Guess. Middle East coverage.

Calling it Like it Is (Abbas Kadhim, Iraqi Shiite philosopher)

Future of Iraq (portal by Justin Alexander)

Iraq’d (Spencer Ackerman of the New Republic)

Iraq Page.

Kababfest. Middle East commentary.

Muslims, Islam and the Iraq War

Pray4Iraq, a Shiite point of view.

Ranger against the War.

The War in Context

War Post. Letters home from Indian and Western soldiers in Iraq, both early 20th century and now.

Today in Iraq

Middle East Weblogs

Abu Aardvark (Middle East Affairs)

Apostropher American liberalism, some Middle East comment)

Beyond Middle East Studies

Flagrancy to Reason (Josh Buerman) (Public affairs, Middle East)

Steve Gilliard (Int’l affairs, progressive politics)

Barry Lando. Iraq, Middle East.

Middle East Briefing Book

The Rational Inquirer (Iraq, Middle East)

Brian Ulrich (Middle East, liberal politics)

Save America: Support our Troops, Bring them Home Now: Speaker’s Forum on the Iraq War.

CENTCOM. OK it isn’t a weblog, but it is a primary source.

Political and Academic Weblogs

All of this . . . and Nothing

Michael Berube (Cultural Criticism)

Black Box Recorder (Progressive Politics, Int’l Affairs)

Body and Soul (Progressive Politics, domestic & international)

BobHarris (Progressive Politics, Environment)

Bonoboland (International Economics and Politics)

Bunkshooter (International Economy, Canada, some Middle East comment)

Cosmic Variance Group science blog.

Crooked Timber (progressive politics – group blog)

Daily Kos (progressive politics – discussion)

Daou Report (Democratic News Consolidator)

Deep Blade Progressive Politics.

Brad Delong (Economics, Politics)

Democracy Rising. (Progressive politics.)

Daniel W. Drezner (Politics, Int’l Affairs)

Electrolite (Patrick Nielsen Hayden). Progressive politics with a flair for irony.

Emerging Democratic Majority ( Ruy Taxeira)

Eschaton (Progressive Politics, Discussion)

Europundit < (David Weman) Progressive European politics)

A Fistful of Euros (European politics)

Future Bureaucrat. Geopolitics.

History News Network

HIstory Unfolding. David Kaiser on geopolitics.

Iddybud (Progressive Politics)

Idols of the Marketplace (Walter Cole) – (Int’l affairs)

International Leadership Forum. Foreign Affairs.

Peter Kirstein. Progressive commentary.

Just a Bump in the Beltway (Melanie Mattsoon, progressive politics)

The Left Coaster (Progressive Politics)

Liberal Oasis

Ken MacLeod (Progressive Politics)

Chris Nelson (Progressive Politics)

Needlenose (Progressive politics, Iraq)

Kurt Nimmo (Progressive Politics)

Political Animal (Kevin Drum: Progressive Politics; Washington Monthly)

Pharyngula PZ Myers’ Science blog.

Political Site of the Day

Rhetorica Professors who Blog (Conservatives Against Neoconism and Christian Theocracy)

Three River Tech Review (Pop Science & Left Politics)

To the

Tristero (Progressive Politics. Civil Liberties.

Wampum (Progressive Politics, Native Americans)

WhirledView. Three women with long foreign affairs experience.

Why Conservatives Can’t do Foreign Policy. Jim Bond.

Matthew Yglesias (Philosophy and politics)

Zenpundit (Mark Safranski) (Progressive Discussion, chat)


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