Death And Revenge In Iraq Guerrillas

Death and Revenge In Iraq

Guerrillas killed two US troops on Sunday and a third died in a jeep accident. Mortar shells fell near the Iranian embassy in downtown Baghdad. A guerrilla bombing in Kirkuk wounded 5 Iraqi soldiers on Sunday.

Hannah Allam says that there is some evidence that one of the four suicide bombers who struck Amman had been captured during the Fallujah campaign of November-December 2004, and then released by the US military. This is the money passage:

‘ The spiritual leader said Ali’s anti-U.S. stance was hardened after he was detained by U.S. forces in the same mosque where a Marine shot to death an unarmed Iraqi man in a controversial incident captured on video by an embedded American TV journalist. The military ruled the shooting justified. Ali’s co-workers at an Iraqi Ministry of Industry factory in Fallujah described him as a computer specialist who was badly injured while fighting U.S. forces in the offensive last year. They said he disappeared after his release from U.S. custody. ‘

The Fallujah campaign of 2004 is a gift that keeps on giving. At the time, some groups there said they would find a way to take revenge in the American homeland. It is something to worry about for years to come.

Sunni Arab leaders are pointing out that US military operations in Sunni Arab areas are inevitably interfering with the December 15 elections. Some believe that Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari has asked the US to conduct the sweeps precisely in order to anger the Sunni Arabs and reduce their participation in the elections, making it more likely that religious Shiites can continue to dominate parliament.

Al-Hayat reports [Arabic] that Ayham al-Samarra’i is saying that 7 guerrilla groups within the Iraqi resistance are willing to talk to the Americans “conditionally.”

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