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Courtesy Link Exchange for Informed Comment

Acid Test. Politics and science.

Against the War on Terror.

Amicus For Peace. Christian, Jewish and Muslim Dialogue.

Ansonia Ventures. Political images.

Baker Muckraker. Political comment.

The Blue State: The Daily State of Democracy in America.

The Brand New Bag. Political comment.

Bustard Blog. A Place to Rant.

Clark Schpiell Productions. Hip online magazine with both humorous and serious writing. News feeds.

Down With the Man. Up with the people.

Elmer Street Conspiracy: America in Denial.

Future Bureaucrat. Rational Policy for a New Generation. Addicting Games Funny Junk Video Clips

Empires Fall. Liberal critique of imperialism.

Famous Poets and Poetry

Legends of America.

Letters from Mad Plato.

Mano Singham’s Web Journal: Thoughts on science, history and philosophy of science, religion, politics, the media, education, learning, books, and films.

Newsback. A news discussion site.

Nonprofit Blog. News about the nonprofit sector.

Politinotions. Raphie Frank. Left centrist.

The Reaction. Liberal to moderate political blog.

Ring of Fire: Weblog directory.

Search and Go. Special features portal with useful Web tools.

The Skeptical Observer: Political commentary.

Spiderweb. Liberal political commentary.

Straight not Narrow. GLBT equality in church and politics.

Tibetan Aid Project.

Top Ten Sources for Middle East News

Virtual Citizens.


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