What To Do If This Page Is Old Readers

What to Do if this Page is Old

Readers sometimes have difficulty seeing recent postings. There are always recent postings. If your browser is showing a posting from several days ago, that is an error.

The first and best thing to do in this situation is to push the “refresh” or “reload” button on your browser. Sometimes browsers cache an earlier version of the site and somehow get stuck.

If that does not work, try going in Internet Explorer to tools/internet options and delete cookies, delete files and clear history. In Mozilla/ Firefox go to Edit/ preferences and clear history.

Then save, close and try again, and try the refresh or reload button again.

If all this effort does not bear fruit, scroll down the right banner and find “Feed Burner RSS”. It should show all recent postings via RSS syndication regardless of cache problems.

I have put commands in the template forbidding browsers to cache the page, which appears to have helped, but the commands apparently do not always work. I am reluctant to put in an auto-refresh command because it is a hassle for people with slow connections to have the page reload from time to time.


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