Kashmir Earthquake Victims Tens Of

Kashmir Earthquake Victims

Tens of thousands of earthquake victims in Pakistani Kashmir are facing winter with inadequate shelter, medicine and food.

John Walbridge of Indiana University writes:

You might want to inform your readers about how to best support earthquake relief. Apart from the obvious major organizations like the Red Cross, your readers might wish to consider the Edhi Foundation. Abd al-Sattar Edhi is a Pakistani counterpart of Mother Theresa who runs a universally respected and trusted network of charities throughout Pakistan, including most of the country’s ambulance services. The contact information is

Edhi Foundation Site.

Edhi’s offices in the US are at
42-07 National Street
Corona, NY 11368
Tel: (718) 639-5120
Email: edhi@cyber.net.pk

An interesting article on him was published last year.

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