Iraq Minorities Among Most Threatened

Iraq Minorities Among most Threatened
Al-Hakim Warns on Sunni Arab Violence

Iraqi minorities are among the more endangered in the world, according to Minority Rights Group International.

The group’s web site is here.

Abdul Aziz al-Hakim is warning that mere political arrangements will not end the Sunni Arab guerrilla war. While al-Hakim is correct, the reason he is likely saying this is to combat pressure on him from the US government to accommodate the Sunnis in parliament more.

In fact, two big Baghdad bombs killed 23 on Thursday.

And the thirty-odd police recruits kidnapped earlier in the week are feared dead.

UPI reports that it was another grim week in Iraq. Martin Sieff also suggests that the figures on successes against the guerrillas are way too optimistic, in view of its continued obvious vigor.

am traveling. will try to blog more on Friday.

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