Kamal Sayid Qadir Jailed For Criticism

Kamal Sayid Qadir Jailed for Criticism of Barzani

The proto-fascist mini-state of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Arbil [Irbil], northern Iraq, has sentenced an Austrian-Kurdish journalist to 18 months in prison for criticizing Massoud Barzani.


Barzani last allied with Saddam Hussein against fellow Kurds as late as 1996, only a decade ago. And you can’t criticize him?

If Syria or Iran had done this (not that they don’t), there would have been a huge squeal of outrage from the American right. I challenge Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, and Christopher Hitchens to intervene effectively to get Kamal Sayid Qadir out of Barzani’s jail. Here is something all of us, left and right, can agree on, and I hope the Left blogs the hell out of it, too. Will someone please start a blog to count the days Qadir is not free?


American blood was shed saving the Kurds from Saddam, and this is not right. It is not right.

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