Kurdistan Islamic Party Will Vote

Kurdistan Islamic Party Will Vote Against Jaafari

The USG-funded Open Source Center (formerly the Foreign Broadcast Information Service or FBIS) translates a Kurdish news article indicating that the Kurdistan Islamic Party will vote against Jaafari and generally will vote with the Kurdistan Alliance. (The latter announcement contradicts an earlier statement from the party.)

‘ Kurdish Islamic Party Says Will Not Vote For Al-Ja’fari in Parliament
Unattributed report: “If the Kurdistan Alliance does not vote for Al-Ja’fari, Yekgirtu will not vote as well”
Wednesday, March 8, 2006 T17:26:39Z

A high-ranking member of the (Kurdistan Islamic) Union (KIU) has said that regardless of their disagreements with the Kurdistan Alliance (KA) list, their list would not vote in favor of Al-Ja’fari for the post of prime minister in Iraqi parliament. He said that they would take the same stance of the KA.

The head of the KIU Political Bureau, Hiwa Sabir, told Hawlati that although they had shown solidarity with the KA over destiny-shaping issues, the two sides failed to reach an agreement to form a joint list after a series of meetings. However, they will cooperate in Iraqi parliament.

Hiwa Sabir added: “We will not join the KA because they rejected all of our requests, especially our main call for changing the KA’s name to Kurdistani Bloc.”
(Description of Source: Al-Sulaymaniyah Hawlati in Sorani Kurdish — weekly independent newspaper)

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City/Source: Al-Sulaymaniyah
DIALOG Update Date: 20060308; 19:51:11 EST
Original Source Language: Sorani Kurdish ‘

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