17 Killed In Guerrilla Violence Un

17 Killed in Guerrilla Violence
UN: thousands Detained Illegally

Guerrilla violence took the lives of 17 Iraqis on Friday, with major bombings in Mosul and Baghdad.

At Baiji, guerrillas captured 6 troops and executed them.

Al-Zaman says that the guerrillas killed or wounded some 28 policemen alone on Friday.

In one of the worst incidents, a car bombing targetting the police chief of Tal Afar in northern Mosul. The bombing killed 6 policemen and wounded 11 police and civilians.

The police chief of Ninevah denied a rumor that 50 policemen had been arrested for secretly belonging to the al-`Awdah Party, the secret successor to the Baath Party. He said that two policemen were found with pamphlets of al-`Awdah and “the Army of the Future.”

Two bombings in Baghdad wounded 11 policemen.

the UN is complaining about thousands of Iraqis being held illegally or outside the law in Iraq, both by various government ministries and by the US military. The UN officials argue that only the Iraqi Ministry of Justice and its subsidiaries can legally incarcerate Iraqis. The Defense and Interior Ministries and the US military are not so authorized by the Iraqi constitution.

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