Kiriyenko Irans Method Unfeasible For

Kiriyenko: Iran’s Method “Unfeasible” for Fissionable Material

Here is what a nuclear official who has no interest in getting up a war on Iran says about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s claims earlier this week to have slightly enriched a small quantity of uranium:

‘ MOSCOW (AP): Russia’s nuclear chief on Thursday said Iran is far from being capable of industrial-scale uranium enrichment, the Interfax news agency reported. Russian Federal Nuclear Energy Agency chief Sergei Kiriyenko said the enrichment facility in the Iranian city of Natanz, equipped with 164 gas centrifuges, could not produce any significant amount of enriched uranium, which can be used to fuel power plants or produce atomic weapons. “These centrifuges allow Iran to conduct laboratory uranium enrichment to a low level in insignificant amounts,” Kiriyenko was quoted as saying. “The acquisition of highly enriched uranium is unfeasible today using this method.”

How refreshing, a high government official who isn’t LWB (lying while breathing).

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