Gold From Tomdispatch One Of Essential

Gold from Tomdispatch

One of the essential websites for reality based journalism is It is always rich in commentary and reportage. But this week if you just go there, it is impossible to get away again without reading just everything.

Tom Engelhardt meditates on the meaning of American power fantasies about bombing Iran.

Money paragraph:

‘ Let’s Bomb Iran (Last Chance, Take Five): Don’t even get me started on this one. The American invasion of Iraq has proved a bottomless catastrophe, bombing a disaster, regime change an abyss — all based on a deep-seated belief in the power of “American preponderance”… and now, could I please have the envelop with the possible plan for extracting ourselves from this mess? Let’s see. It says: Send American planes and missiles over Iran, loose the Israelis on that country, knock out some of their nuclear program, bomb the hell out of them, make sure there’s plenty of “collateral damage,” and hope for “regime change.” ‘

And, don’t miss Chalmers Johnson on peddling “democracy”.

What if they gave a big demonstration against the war, and corporate media didn’t notice?

Our veterans are our national heroes. Our KIA veterans are our martyrs. Our wounded veterans are our . . . responsibility. All three things go together. The American people were 75 percent in favor of this Iraq War, which means that they were in favor of caring for the 15,000 seriously wounded vets, right? Maybe not this administration.

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