Iranian Paramilitaries Pledge To

Iranian Paramilitaries Pledge to Defend Iran

Since the US military has most trouble with asymmetrical forces and paramilitaries, it is worthwhile noting that Iran’s paramilitary forces, the Basij and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, are threatening a Long War of attrition against any foreigners who try to come into the oil-rich Khuzistan province. An American attack on Iran will ignite yet another guerrilla war in the region.

Translation courtesy of the USG Open Source Center:

‘Iran: Khuzestan Basij Forces Vow ‘To Defend Islamic Land Against Any Enemy’

Unattributed report: “With attendance of the Guards Corps Commander-in-Chief: The Grand Assembly of the Khuzestan Province Basijis Titled ‘The Followers of the Noble Prophet’ Was Held in Ahvaz”

Jomhuri-ye Eslami (Internet Version-WWW)
Sunday, May 14, 2006 T20:03:22Z

Seven thousand Basij forces from various regions, bases, and Ashura and Al-Zahra brigades, representing 750,000 of their fellow Khuzestan Province Basiji brothers, assembled at the Ahvaz Imam Khomeyni Mahdieh Mosalla along with the attendance of Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander Major General Rahim-Safavi and various province officials to renew the vow to adhere to the cause of Imam Khomeyni and the Supreme Leader.

The IRGC commander addressed the assembly explaining the late Imam Khomeyni’s reasons for forming the Basij and said, “During my visit to our borderlines I saw that the forces of Islam are fully prepared to defend the Islamic homeland.” He said if we had this capability in 1359 (1980) neither Saddam nor his masters would have dared attack Islamic Iran and added, “The IRGC has full knowledge of all regional developments and border movements. But as a measure to maintain security in Khuzestan Province, IRGC ground forces will launch the Hazrat-e Abolfazl security base with approval of the National Security Council.”

The IRGC commander said, “Every race and tribe in the Islamic Republic lives under the banner of Islam and guardianship and would never allow foreign forces to invade the Islamic nation.” He noted, “Khuzestan Province has always been a target for foreign greed. The British were utterly defeated by the people here, especially in Bostan heights.” General Rahim-Safavi stressed the need to improve the scientific capacity and political knowledge of Basij forces and said they are fully prepared for defense, security, cultural, and especially construction missions.

Ayatollah Musavi-Jazayeri, the Supreme Jurisconsult’s representative to Khuzestan Province then spoke on various issues, especially the role of Khuzestan Province Basij forces during the Holy Defense (Iran-Iraq War).

The Khuzestan Province governor-general also addressed the assembly where he called on all officials to put in efforts to develop and strengthen the Basij saying, “A Basij Development HQ is set to be launched in Khuzestan Province.” He said, “With the special attention of the Supreme Leader and determination of the government, the province will soon improve in many regards and reach its deserved level of development.”

The Khuzestan Province governor-general noted, “The people of Khuzestan have the highest standing in jihad and love for the guardianship. We need to improve job opportunities to an equal standing.”

Also, Khuzestan Basij Commander General Sa’adati reported readiness of 750,000 Khuzestan Basij forces and said that number would increase to 1,100,000 by the end of the fourth development program.

The assembly closed with a six-article resolution which, in addition to supporting Iran’s access to peaceful nuclear energy, read “We expectants of Imam Mahdi and allies of the Nobel Prophet announce here at our 7,000-strong assembly to the world that we hold to our vow to stand against the coercions of the enemy stronger than ever and will never allow any power to invade our land and shall selflessly guard our rightful position.” Every article of the resolution was approved with “God is great” chants from the forces.

(Description of Source: Tehran Jomhuri-ye Eslami (Internet Version-WWW) in Persian — Tehran daily insisting on strict adherence to Khomeyni’s ideals. Claims to be factionally independent but takes extremely conservative positions) ‘

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