Wikipedia Article Hijacked I Fear I

Wikipedia Article Hijacked

I fear I have never had the time to get up to full speed with regard to the Wiki world or the procedures of Wikipedia. But I am told by a kind reader that a small group of ideologues has taken over the Wikipedia article on me in a way that is contrary to Wiki ethics and etiquette. Wikis have the virtue that they can be corrected, but somehow these individuals got it locked up, whatever that means. Then that version had an NPOV put on it, and there is a new “sandbox” but it also has flaws.

I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with this issue myself, and I am not asking that the piece be slanted in my favor, whatever that might be. It seems to me an encyclopedia article on a historian should have summaries of his or her books and articles by someone who has actually read them, and contain verifiable biographical facts (would be glad to provide these). Anyway, if some knowledgeable readers of Informed Comment could do what they could to set the matter right by Wikipedia standards, I would be grateful. Again, I’m just asking for the facts, Ma’am.

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