Iraq Intel Chief Decries Partisanship

Iraq Intel Chief Decries Partisanship

From the USG Open Source Center, a translation of an interview with Iraq’s intelligence head:

‘ Iraqi Intelligence Chief Al-Shahwani Warns of Danger of Partisan Politics

Interview with Iraqi Intelligence Service chief Major General Muhammad al-Shahwani by Sa’d Abbas; place and date not given: “There Will Be Security in the Country When the Political Parties Stop Undermining the Authority of the Prime Minister”

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 T16:37:56Z

Document Type: OSC Translated Text

(Abbas) How far has the intelligence service gone in terms of qualitative preparedness?

(Al-Shahwani) One can say that Iraq at present possesses a professional intelligence service. The intelligence service is much better and more advanced than its predecessor under the former regime, technically and in terms of national loyalty. However, in view of the abnormal security situation in the country, the intelligence service does not practice its duties in many fields outside Iraq, as it is supposed to do. The country’s circumstances require the intelligence service to focus its activity inside the country, yet it has had a presence in some fields in some of the neighboring countries. So far, we have not been able to work in more distant areas, such as Europe and other countries.

The rest is here.

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