Iraq Press Highlights For 18 June

Iraq Press Highlights for 18 June

Translated by the USG Open Source Center– my selection of a few telling items:

Highlights: Iraqi Press 18 Jun 06

Iraq — OSC Report
Sunday, June 18, 2006 T15:00:56Z

Document Type: OSC Report . . .

Al-Zaman carries on the front page a 240-word report entitled “Iraqi Women Demand Balanced Representation in Government.” . . .

Al-Bayyinah carries on the front page a 100-word report criticizing Deputy Justice Minister for saying that Shiite militias control Interior Ministry.

Al-Bayyinah publishes on the front pag e a 140-word report citing National Dialogue Front Chairman Salih al-Mutlak confirming his detention in Amsterdam for 36 hours and criticizing Baghdad satellite television channel for airing false reports on the incident. . .

Al-Bayyinah carries on page 2 a 200-word report citing the chairman of Hizballah Movement’s Political Bureau criticizing Association of Muslim Scholars member Bashar al-Faydi for his recent statements holding the movement and other Shiite forces responsible for the ongoing sectarian violence in southern governorates. . . [The Iraqi Hizbullah is a component of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq and has no relationship to the Lebanese Hizbullah.]

Al-Zaman runs on page 5 a 500-word report on the statement issued by Association of Muslim Scholars yesterday, 17 June, condemning the assassination of its member Shaykh Yusif Ya’qub al-Hassan in Basra.

Al-Sabah carries on page 3 a 240-word report on a statement by Iraqi Lawyers Association that Al-Karkh Court of First Instance has annulled the justice minister’s order to dissolve Iraqi Lawyers Association.

Al-Sabah carries on page 4 a 300-word report citing the former director of Trabil border entry calling on the parliament and Interior Ministry to investigate smuggling of lead to Jordan.

Al-Sabah carries on page 4 a 400-word report citing Wasit Governorate Council Acting Chairman Ahmad Husayn criticizing Supreme Judicial Council’s decision calling on chairman of Appellate Court in Wasit to send all lawsuits to Baghdad.

Al-Sabah carries on page 15 a 550-word report citing media spokesman for Karbala Governorate Council saying that the council’s members have decided to suspend their membership protesting the US arrest of the council’s chairman . . .

Al-Bayan publishes on page 10 a 750-word report entitled “Iraq Intends To Re-Open Oil Pipeline through Syria; Government Plans To Construct Three New Refineries.”

Al-Bayyinah carries on page 4 a 600-word report on the severe fuel crisis in Maysan . . .

Al-Zaman carries on page 2 a 400-word report on the fuel crisis in Al-Nasiriyah.

Al-Zaman carries on page 2 a 900-word report on drinking water shortage in Baghdad.

Al-Zaman carries on page 3 a 200-word report citing an official source at Public Works and Municipalities Ministry attributing the recent drinking water shortage in

Al-Husayniyah and Al-Rashidiyah Districts to sabotage on water pipelines. . .

Al-Adalah publishes on page 4 a 1,200-word report on the fuel crisis in Dhi Qar Governorate. . .

Al-Sabah al-Jadid runs on page 4 a 500-word report on the fu el crisis in Al-Amarah Governorate.

Al-Sabah al-Jadid publishes on page 5 a 500-word report on electricity and fuel crisis in Wasit Governorate.

Ishraqat al-Sadr carries on page 8 a 1,000-word report commenting on the deterioration in public services in Al-Sadr City. . .

Al-Da’wah carries on page 3 an 800-word report citing Al-Hillah’s citizens complaining about the collapse in public services in their city.

Al-Mashriq carries on the front page a 600-word report that the newspaper has learned from well-informed sources that Oil Ministry will increase oil product prices starting tomorrow Monday in accordance with an agreement with IMF to cancel Iraq’s debts. . .

Al-Mu’tamar publishes on page 2 a 100-word report on the fuel crisis in Arbil.

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