Israel Invades Gaza Hits Bridges

Israel invades Gaza, Hits Bridges, Electricity

The Israeli military destroyed 3 bridges that connect Gaza, and knocked out electricity along the coast, as troops made incursions into Gaza.

I don’t have time to comment much on all this right now, except to say that the use of force here is all out of proportion. Without electricity, you can’t purify water, and uncooked water is a severe health problem, especially to babies. It can ultimately cause cholera.

The incursion was made necessary by the Sharon-Olmert unwise policy of unilateral withdrawal. Unilateral withdrawal means that no structure was put in place for security in the evacuated terrirories, which increasingly look like a failed state, a Somalia. The PLO and Hamas have fought hot encounters recently.

Why would anyone create a failed state all around their house, right in their neighborhood?

The US press has, as far as I can see, been irresponsible in not broadcasting much about the prologue to the present violence, the Israeli military’s bombing of civilians on a Gaza beach earlier in the month. This atrocity was on the front page of every Arabic language newspaper every day for a while earlier this month. We cannot understand the region if we cannot understand how outraged they are, and the source of the outrage.

Predictably, the Israeli military’s propaganda machine denied responsibility for the beach explosion. Human Rights Watch called the Israeli military inquiry “not plausible” based on its own evidence-gathering at the scene. The Israeli Army has a long history of using plausible deniability to muddy the waters about its accountability in deaths of innocents. If we had videotape of everything they have done in the West Bank and Gaza, we’d be having war crimes trials for the rest of the century. The fact is that Israeli culpability for the Gaza beach incident is, on the evidence gathered independently by HRW at least highly plausible. The press should be looking into it instead of taking talking points from war propaganda offices.

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