Militias Oppressing Iraqi Women Usg

Militias Oppressing Iraqi Women

The USG Open Source Center translates an article about the oppression of women in the new Iraq.

Woman’s Rights Observatory on Retreat of Women’s Role in Political Process

Organized acts of oppression against Iraqi women The National Observatory for the Iraqi Woma’s Rights: The militias prevent women from going to the market in Karbala

Al-Ittijah al-Akhar

Wednesday, June 21, 2006 T13:06:41Z

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In a memorandum addressed to the United Nations and a number of embassies in Baghdad, the National Observatory for Iraqi Woman’s Rights said that it has received bitter complaints from Iraqi female activists and defenders of women’s rights in Iraq indicating that there has been a retreat in what the observatory described “woman’s role in political life”. The number of female ministers has dropped from six to four, the memo added. The memorandum drew attention to the fact that the Unified Iraqi Coalition, which is the largest bloc in the new government, has refused to nominate any woman for a ministerial position. The four appointed female ministers are all from other political blocs. Two of them are from the Kurdish Alliance; one is from the Iraqi al-Tawafuq Front and the fourth one is from the Iraqi List.

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