Personal Investment As Commitment Ap

Personal Investment as Commitment

AP says that a “safer Iraq” is needed for US investment. D’oh.

But this article reminds me of all the politicians (of both major parties) and bloggers who keep saying that things are just fine in Iraq and that the bad news is exaggerated by the “liberal media” (oh mythic phoenix!).

And, I think we ought to hold their feet to the fire. Every time someone says that in reality things are just fine in Iraq, we should ask them how much of their own, personal money they have invested in a private business enterprise in Iraq. The Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce can help them with specific investment opportunities.

I think we should exclude buying real estate or investing in mercen . . . I mean US contracting. Also, it has to be an investment in Arab Iraq, not the Kurdistan Regional confederacy. But, if things are going so great, then surely this is the time to put $100,000 into, say, a textile factory in . . . I don’t know, Baquba. Most of these politicians and bloggers on the Right could afford such an investment, and most wouldn’t even be too badly off if they lost the whole wad.

So, Fox Cable News anchors, rightwing bloggers, smug pundits, etc., etc.– Pony up. How much have you put on the line here to back up your Dr. Pangloss-style rose colored glasses? And, if you haven’t put at least a few tens of thousands of dollars into a private Iraqi business, then you do not have a leg to stand on.

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