100 Killed In Massive Bombings In Sadr

100 Killed, In Massive Bombings in Sadr City, Kirkuk

The LA times reports that civil war violence in Iraq killed around 100 persons on Sunday The most deadly incidents were the bombing of laborers in Sadr City and the bomb that guerrillas detonated near a courthouse in Kirkuk, killing 21 and wounding 70. Another deadly bombing in East Baghdad near the city council HQ in Sadr City killed 8 and wounded 20. Some 21 bodies were discovered in Baghdad, and more were found floating in the Tigris near Suwayra. These corpses typically belonged to victims of faith-based reprisal killings.

Reuters gives details of other deadly incidents around the country.

The whole-hearted US backing for Israel’s assault on Lebanon has deeply angered Iraqis:

‘ “The enemy is the same,” said a statement issued by the Hawza, the network of seminaries in Najaf. “Their aim is to enslave and humiliate us. What’s happening today in Lebanon is part of a bigger scheme to crush the blessed [Islamic] nation.” ‘

GI’s charged with murder claim that they were commanded to kill all males of military age.

US decisions and tactics made the Iraqi insurgency much worse than it would otherwise have been.

On top of everything else, the US occupation of Iraq has led to an explosion in the divorce rate!

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