Hizbullah Pledges Deeper Attacks

Hizbullah Pledges Deeper Attacks
Strikes Haifa, Galilee
Kills Arab Girl

Hasan Nasrallah, the Hizbullah leader, threatened Tuesday to fire rockets beyond Haifa, implictly threatening Tel Aviv (and Jerusalem?) He expressed confidence that Israel could not win its ground war in the south, and said his fighters would ultimately recover any land taken by the Israelis.

Hizbullah again engaged in war crimes on Tuesday, raining some 90 katyusha rockets down on civilian targets and killing a fifteen-year-old Palestinian-Israeli girl.

A rocket slammed into the Abbas residence in the Galilee village of Maghar, killing Da’a Abbas and seriously wounding her 30-year-old brother. Their 12-year-old sister was also hurt. Two more Hizbullah rockets hit Maghar, lightly wounding two other persons.

Of the 18 or so Israeli civilians that Hizbullah has killed with its monstrous rocket attacks, I count at least 3 as Palestinian-Israelis! That is 16 percent! (Israel is about 15 percent Arab, a percentage the official Israeli census board expects to rise to 30 percent by 2030).

The Arab Muslims who live in Maghar, according to Haaretz, ‘ said they are not looking to blame anyone, but call on both sides to end the fighting. “This situation cannot go on,” one said. ‘

Around 12 noon, Hizbullah hit the seaport of Haifa and its suburbs with 16 rockets, moderately injuring two civilians and lightly wounding 9. A 78-year-old had a heart attack while trying to get to a bomb shelter when the rockets started coming in. It is safe to say that Hasan Nasrallah murdered him, another war crime.

Haaretz says, “The rocket barrages left extensive damage to structures in Haifa’s lower city. One of the missiles struck a restaurant in the city, causing damage but no casualties, according to Israel Radio.”

Rockets also struck near Acre, Ma’alot, Nahariya, Carmiel and other cities. Three were injured, apparently lightly, in Ma’alot. Haaretz says, ‘ Two people in a community located east of Ma’alot were moderately to seriously wounded with shrapnel wounds to the neck and stomach. Of the wounded, two from Nahariya and one each from Shlomi and Acre were evacuated to Nahariya Hospital. Two people sustained shrapnel wounds in Tiberias . . . ‘

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