Iraqi Pm Parliament Condemn Israel

Iraqi PM, Parliament Condemn Israel;
Massive Bombings in Tuz Khurmato, Mahmudiyah

Guerrillas in Mahmudiyah killed 42 Iraqis in a market bombing early Monday.

On Sunday, a horrible cafe bombing in Tuz Khurmato killed 25. This link to Reuters also rounds up the rest of Iraq’s violence on Sunday.

There were mortar attacks on the British troops in Basra. One British soldier was killed and another wounded in a raid on militants.

The Iraqi parliament and prime minister roundly condemned “Zionist aggression” against Lebanon on Sunday.

Some Iraqi Shiites are talking about going to Lebanon as volunteer fighters against Israel.

Condi Rice said on Sunday that it was “grotesque” to suggest that “policies that confront extremism” actually “cause extremism.” She was referring to George Stephanopoulos’s point that the Bush administration kept promising that invading and occupying Iraq would make the Middle East more peaceful (!).

The logical fallacy here is to describe a unilateral war of aggression and then a botched occupation with the euphemism of “confronting extremism.” Of course the former can cause extremism. And did. That’s not grotesque, that’s just the fact of the matter.

Foreign Affairs roundtable on “What to do in Iraq?”

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