Israel Targets Milk Medicine Factories

Israel Targets Milk, Medicine Factories
Hizbullah Kills One in Nahariyah

Israeli troops invaded Lebanon again early Wednesday morning, on what Israeli spokesmen called a limited search and destroy mission.

Hizbullah sent more rockets on northern Israel, killing one person at Nahariyah.

The death toll late Tuesday stood at 235 people killed in Lebanon and 25 in Israeli. About half of the Israeli deaths were military personnel. Only a handful of the Lebanese deaths have been military, and only a fraction of those have been Hizbullah fighters. In fact, have even ten Hizbullah guerrillas been killed by the Israelis since this fight began? They say it is a fight with Hizbullah. But then they bomb Greek Orthodox churches and milk factories far from Shiite areas. Hmmmm.

Israeli air strikes killed 30 more civilians on Tuesday:

The Israeli attacks were mainly concentrated on the Bekaa district, as Israeli warplanes launched missiles at the towns of Zahle, Baalbek, Rachaya al-Fokhar and others. The St. Gregorius Church in Rachaya al-Fokhar suffered a direct hit, as did the Lake Qaraoun Dam and the ambulance donated by the Emirates in Dahr al-Baydar. Dozens of civilians were killed and wounded in the attacks. Over 30 civilians were killed in Israeli air strikes against Lebanon on Tuesday. Ten civilians who had taken refuge inside the Greek Orthodox Church in Rachaya al-Fokhar were wounded in an attack. Lebanese security sources said Israel had used phosphorous missiles in the attack, an internationally banned weapon.

Some people just don’t like their neighbors to have nice things. The Israelis hit Lebanese privately owned factories on Tuesday, including a dairy farm! These targets had absolutely nothing to do with Hizbullah, and were not military targets. These strikes are war crimes and part of a continuing Israeli campaign to ensure that Lebanon is economically poor and weak for decades to come:

Israel switched gears in its military campaign against Lebanon Monday and Tuesday, launching a series of debilitating air strikes against privately owned factories throughout the country and dealing a devastating blow to an economy already paralyzed by a week of hits on residential areas and crucial infrastructure. The production facilities of at least five companies in key industrial sectors – including the country’s largest dairy farm, Liban Lait; a paper mill; a packaging firm and a pharmaceutical plant – have been disabled or completely destroyed. Industry insiders say the losses will cripple the economy for decades to come.

Lebanese lawyers are lodging a complaint against Israel charging it with crimes against humanity.

Robert Blecher on conflating Hizbullah and Hamas at the invaluable Middle East Report.

It turns out that the more Arab students listen to Radio Sawa and watch al-Hurra Television, the US government’s main media effort at winning hearts and minds, the more they disliked US policies. Turns out it isn’t how the policies are packaged on the airwaves that matters. It is the policies. The students mostly think they stink.

Only for those with really strong stomachs. This is what some of the hundreds of civilians killed by the Israeli military in Lebanon look like. Very graphic and disturbing. I disavow the labeling in the site. But this is a war, and this is what war looks like, and I think it is necessary to stare it right in the face: here, here; and here and, if it is back up (their server was overloaded) here.

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