Mashhadani Jews Source Of All Iraqs

Mashhadani: Jews the Source of all Iraq’s Problems

And, remember how the Bush administration trumpeted the December 2005 elections in Iraq and the joining in of the country’s Sunni Arabs as a great advance? In fact, of course, what really happened was that hard line Sunni fundamentalists not much different from Hamas got 44 seats in the Iraqi parliament, joining hard line Shiite fundamentalists not so far removed from Lebanon’s Hizbullah. Iraqi Speaker of the House, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, on Thursday drew back the curtain on the hothouse ideologies installed in Baghdad by the Neocons when he blamed “the Jews” for the violence in Iraq. But I guess the rightwing Zionists and Israeli hawks are unlikely to threaten to wipe Iraq off the map for al-Mashhadani’s bizarre outburst, in contrast to their reaction to the equally looney tunes and morally shameful anti-Israel pronouncements of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Some reports are saying that as many as 25 Iraqis died from civil war violence on Thursday, A reduction in the massive death toll of the past few days.

The Iraqi government Now controls one whole province.

Ruth Rosen on Iraqi women and sexual terrorism in Iraq.

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