No More Infrastructure To Destroy

“No More Infrastructure to Destroy”

Patrick McGreevy writes from Beirut:

‘ Beirut is tense. Some people are expressing worries that things could get very difficult. The worse-case scenarios are on people’s minds, but so far there is no sign of social disorder among Lebanese citizens.

AUB’s foreign faculty and staff are slowly being evacuated. The Americans were told they would be leaving today, but the plan was called off this morning. Now, it looks as if it will tomorrow. Apparently the scene at the port has gotten ugly at times, and there have been complaints about how things are being handled. A few of us will remain, for now at least.

There are so many warships and cruiseliners in the sea in front of Beirut that it looks like a cross between the Battle of Midway and Aruba.

AUB is moving medical staff and other essential personnel on to campus apartments as foreigners depart. The hospital is in desparate need of blood. The refugee problem is overwhelming. AUB is trying to do its part with the folks who have moved in from the southern suburbs. We understand that the Israelis have decided to stop hitting Lebanese infrastructure, perhaps because there no longer is any infrastructure. We know people are talking about the end game, but it is very difficult to imagine how this can end any time soon. Short of a massive ground invasion, Hezbollah cannot be destroyed; and Isreal has backed itself into a corner; if they stop, Hezbollah can claim victory. Hence the madness goes on. Eventually, people will have to talk to each other, but apparently only after a great deal more bleeding.

Our Lebanese friends and colleagues are sad and angry. The future is becoming hard to imagine. The Fall Semester? I know people everywhere are doing what they can to help. Don’t forget us.

Patrick McGreevy’

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