Cheney For Lieberman With Apologies To

Cheney for Lieberman
With Apologies to John Donne

Lieberman’s selfishness in risking splitting the Democratic vote by running as an independent is breathtaking. He has proved that he is not a Democrat. He thinks he is an island, but no one is.

And, when your most prominent defender is Dick Cheney, you’re not only not a Democrat, you’re not even a moderate Republican. Cheney is afraid that Lieberman is a clod washed into the sea, which will start an avalanche that will diminish a whole continent– the continent of war.

The Republican Right is so cocky from being in power all these years, they think that the Connecticut vote represents an opportunity for them to tag the Democrats as weak on defense. They have no idea what a tidal wave is about to hit them. The American public is tired of being taxed, both in Washington and at the pump, for Bush’s failed policies. Lieberman’s loss isn’t a photo opportunity for them.

The Republican senators and congressional representatives are all diminished by Lieberman’s defeat.

We say to Karl Rove:

Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

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