Lebanon Accepts Un Ceasefire Hizbullah

Lebanon Accepts UN Ceasefire
Hizbullah Kills 24 Israeli Soldiers

Despite significant reservations, the Lebanese government on Sunday morning accepted the UN security council resolution.

Hizbullah leader Shaikh Hasan Nasrallah also indicated that his party would obey it if the Lebanese government accepted it.

I saw Michael Hudson on CNN saying that he thought the fighting would nevertheless continue for some time. He said that the government of Ehud Olmert would be under pressure to bring some sort of victory home, to burnish what was otherwise from the Israeli side an undistinguished and inconclusive war. Likewise, he said, as long as Israeli troops were occupying Lebanese soil, it is hard to imagine that Hizbullah would just give up its weaponry. Rather, Hezbollah will hit them.

So, the war will likely continue.

On Saturday, heavy fighting continued in the Shiite South, with Hizbullah responsible for the deaths of 24 Israeli soldiers. 5 died when Hizbullah hit a helicopter gunship.

Naharnet/ AFP write:

‘ The area around Khiam, along the eastern part of the border, came under intense artillery bombardment by Israeli forces to cover the advance of tanks, security officials said.

Israeli warplanes bombed five petrol stations in the southern port city of Tyre on Sunday, sparking a huge fire that threatened to engulf a nearby hospital, the hospital director told AFP.

Vehicles belonging to the civil defense service, the army and the fire brigade tried without success to reach the hospital to bring help but new air raids forced them to flee for cover.

Of the five petrol stations on fire in Tyre, two were in the immediate vicinity of the hospital, threatening the health of its patients, while the others were in the city’s commercial centre.

“The flames are lashing the building, our ill and wounded patients are threatened with smoke inhalation,” hospital director Jawad Najm told AFP by telephone. ‘

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