Personal Message On Marjayoun Dr

Personal Message on Marjayoun

Dr. Khalil Mouchantaf writes from the US Northeast:

‘Dear Mr. Cole,

Today I received very sad and shocking news. Three of the civilians who died out of the seven in the convoy escaping Southern Lebanon were from my mother’s town of Marjeoun, a town that has been in the news recently.

I cannot find a way to express my grief but to write, write in a journal or maybe to someone who might understand.

The Israelis stormed violently into the town, destroying what is left of the fallen place. They were supposedly looking for Hezbollah operatives in my uncles’ house, where my aunt and three young children live (he lives in St. Lucia earning a living). I have come to the realization that Israel looks at all of Lebanon and the Lebansese cvilians as Hezbollah operatives, without any disregard for children, women, men, human life or human dignity. I ask if these actions are not war crimes, then what is??

They have not only killed a thousand civilans, but they are killing people I know, people my family knows. Is this what America supports and sees as the “birth prangs” of the new Middle East Have Israel and the US really lost their moral compass? How can I ever be sympathetic to Israel’s cause and right to exist and defend itself if it means systematically murdering civilians? And I ask all for what, two soldiers who were kidnapped Yes, I have lost the objectivity to see that what Hizbollah did is wrong, but so have millions of people inside and outside the Arab world. And can you blame them?

This war has claimed too many lives, including people who matter to me. Israel’s actions are nothing short of war crimes, crimes against humanity. The Lebanese people will survive. ‘

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