Save Lebanese Civilians Faleh

Save Lebanese Civilians

Faleh A. Jabar, an Iraqi intellectual resident in Beirut who has been a leading force in promoting a democratic intellectual culture in Iraq, writes from Lebanon:

Dear All:

This situation in Lebanon is going from bad to worst. Innocent lives are being shattered and threatened in mass.

I need to ask you and other colleagues in the academia to launch a campaign to pressure the US to stop Israeli destruction of bridges, power stations, and end the Israeli blockade to Lebanon. Fuel is running short, and hospitals will come to a stand still, water supplies will be cut short, a total human disastor. Israel’s official target is to secure Hizbollah-free south, not to starve four millions and randoumly threaten the lives of all civilians.

I am sixty years old this year, and my life does not matter that much; but I look at the young and shudder: I have young neighbours who need kidney-wash every 48 hours, and there are children with cancer, lot with heart diseases. Cutting power supply means a death sentence to them.

May I add that doctors in Beirut advised that the fate of more than 20,000 patients is at stake. Pregnant women will most certainly suffer. Their numbers are anybody’s guess. There are two tankers waiting offshore for Israeli guarantees to no avail. They carry fuel supplies to power plants and vehicles, some 20 odd days.

This is horrible and unbearable. Please do something. Send letters to the UN, EU, the White House, the International Red Cross. This is urgent.

Faleh A. Jabar ‘

See here for how to send money to the American University in Beirut Hospital for relief efforts.

You can write your political representatives at

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