Mulla Omar Threatens Us Troops Repubs

Mulla Omar Threatens US Troops
Repubs: Good at Ads, Bad at Capturing

Mulla Omar, leader of the Taliban in Afghanistan and claimant on the title of Caliph, has issued a long statement in which he pledges to significantly increas attacks on Americans and other Western troops in Afghanistan.

Arabic report here.

You know that Republican campaign ad that shows Bin Laden and has the ticking clock?

My question to the Republican Party is, it has been 5 years, and your party has been running a one-party state in the US.

So, why is Mulla Omar still out there at liberty to target US troops? And, why haven’t you caught Bin Laden, the mastermind of the most successful terrorist plot against the US in history? Remember Bush saying “wanted dead or alive,” recalling his childhood viewing of Western movies?

Well, they are not dead. Nor are they in custody alive. They are still just wanted.

So I wouldn’t say I was very impressed with your ticking clock and your suddenly remembering that Bin Laden promised to hit us again. I want to know why you haven’t captured him, and how you would do that if you got back in. Mulla Omar, too.

I think this ad throwing the uncaptured Bin Laden in our faces, by the way, is a huge affront to the 9/11 victims’ families, and I think the Republican National Committee owes them a big apology.

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