Top Ten Victory Celebrations By

Top Ten Victory Celebrations by Republicans in Congress

The Republicans in Congress appropriated $20 million for a victory celebration for Iraq and Afghanistan
, but couldn’t use it in 2006 for obvious reasons.

That item started me thinking of other things that the Republican Party could spend $20 million of the taxpayers’ money to celebrate.

10. Stopping weapons of mass destruction programs that aren’t even there!

9. “Loose lips sink ships” employee of the year.

8. Richard Bruce Cheney safety in hunting Award!

7. Funding urban renewal in Beirut.

6. World’s best interrogators.

5. Tom Delay: Honest Politician of the Year.

4. Jack Abramoff’s sacrifice of wealth for principle.

3. The administration’s tough love toward New Orleans.

2. The revival of the Afghanistan economy.

1. A new kind of Big Brother program in the Congress just for pages! (A.k.a. “No child left behind!)

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