Iraq Jittery Over Saddam Verdict

Iraq Jittery over Saddam Verdict
Dozens of Sunnis killed by Police Commandos

Special Police Commandoes killed 53 al-Qaeda fighters in Iraq on Saturday, according to Iraqi officials. Or you could say that Shiite death squads infiltrated into the special police commandos killed 53 Sunni Arab guerrillas.

Just to make sure everyone is unhappy all at once, the Shiites of Sadr City faced a bombing and a US raid on a Mahdi Army office. Al-Hayat [Life] [Ar.] reports that 20 other Iraqis, at least, were killed on Saturday.

Guerrillas struck at the bodyguards of Iraq’s president, Jalal Talabani on Friday night. When the president isn’t safe, no one is.

Major Sunni Arab cities have been put under curfew in expectation of social violence when it is announced Sunday that Saddam Hussein will be executed.

Ahmed Amr on Bush’s surrender to the Iraqi death squads.

Pentagon War Games in 1999 concluded that at least 400,000 US troops would be needed to secure Iraq in the event of an invasion, and that even that number might not be enough. D’oh.

The normative foundations of the Pakistani military regime’s cooperation with the US in the ‘war on terror’ were laid bare by the Pakistani foreign minister. He admitted that if Pakistan had not turned its back on the Taliban, and if it had defied the US in the war on terror, than what happened to Iraq would have happened to Pakistan.

Seniors have turned against Bush on Iraq and many who voted Republican in 2004 are saying they will vote Democrat this year. They actually vote, so this will make a difference.

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