Peshmerga To Guard Mps Mashhadani Usg

Peshmerga to Guard MPs: Mashhadani

The USG Open Source Center translates this item from the Kurdistan press:

‘Iraqi Parliament To Entrust Kurdish Peshmerga With Guarding MPs
Unattributed report: “Al-Mashhadani recommends the peshmerga to guard Council of Representatives’ members”

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan WWW-Text
Saturday, November 25, 2006 T20:56:20Z

Iraqi Speaker Mahmud al-Mashhadani recommended entrusting peshmargas with guarding members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives. Al-Mashhadani made his recommendation during the council’s in camera session that discussed the members’ safety, today 23 November 06. Al-Mashhadani’s proposal comes following an unsuccessful assassination attempt against him in which his convoy was targeted by explosive devises.

Iraqi Council of Representatives’ Member Azad Chalak told PUKmedia that Al-Mashhadani made the recommendation to entrust peshmargas with guarding council members during today’s session. He added that nobody had voted against the proposal. Chalak added that the council decided to vote on a bill for preventing the guards of the council members from entering the parliament carrying guns.
On Al-Mashhadani’s proposal, Minister of Region for Peshmerga Affairs Shaykh Ja’far Shaykh Mustafa told the PUKmedia that guarding council members was a patriotic mission; we were ready to discuss it.

(Description of Source: (Internet) Patriotic Union of Kurdistan WWW-Text in Sorani Kurdish — Patriotic Union of Kurdistan media website) ‘

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