Murderers Gibbet Cole In Salon

The Murderer’s Gibbet
Cole in on the Saddam Execution

My article on the execution of Saddam is out in Excerpt:

‘ The body of Saddam, as it swung from the gallows at 6 a.m. Saturday Baghdad time, cast an ominous shadow over Iraq. The execution provoked intense questions about whether his trial was fair and about what the fallout will be. One thing is certain: The trial and execution of Saddam were about revenge, not justice. Instead of promoting national reconciliation, this act of revenge helped Saddam portray himself one last time as a symbol of Sunni Arab resistance, and became one more incitement to sectarian warfare. ‘

Read the whole thing.

See also’s Editor’s picks for 2006, ten articles that include my “Israel’s Failed-State Policy.”

Consider subscribing to for the coming year. Much of what I’ve written there in the past year would not have been published by most other magazines.

See also Paul Richter’s article on how Saddam’s execution is not actually a turning point for Iraq. I am quoted.

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