Maliki Threatens Diplomatic Relations

Maliki threatens Diplomatic Relations with Protesting States

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday threatened to cut off diplomatic relations with countries that criticized the execution of Saddam Hussein. He defended the decision to execute him on the Sunni feast of sacrifice, saying that Saddam had profaned religious holidays. Note to al-Maliki: 1. Don’t compare yourself to Saddam and 2. when you have a capital so dangerous that countries are afraid to send embassies, it isn’t really that much of a threat when you say you’ll cut off diplomatic relations.

Another 47 bodies were found in Baghdad through midnight Friday but not fully reported until Saturday. Guerrillas tried to car-bomb the chief of Baghdad police, Maj. Gen Ali Yasir, but missed and killed and wounded innocent by-standers. If this is what the life of the police chief is like, imagine that of ordinary people.

The major newspapers and wire services say that Bush will put as many as 20000 further troops into Baghdad and al-Anbar provinces. Wesley Clark says it won’t work. Col. Paul Hughes at the US Institute of Peace thinks it would take hundreds of thousands of troops, based on experience in the Balkans.

The real need is for some political initiatives. Shiites cannot rule a majority Sunni province like Diyala without there being a lot of trouble. There need to be provincial elections in places like Diyala so that the US has representative Sunnis to talk to.

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