4 Us Gis Killed Army Of Heaven Cult

4 US GIs killed
Army of Heaven Cult Arrested

A suicide bomber killed 7 in Mosul and wounded 28 at a police station.

Reuters reports political violence in Iraq on Tuesday. Guerrillas killed 3 US GIs north of Baghdad, and Shiite militiamen killed a fourth down at Diwaniyah. In Baghdad there were several bombings, one in Karrada that killed 5 and wounded 10. McClatchy reports that 17 bodies were found in Baghdad on Tuesday. On Monday 25 bodies had been found.

The Bush administration has suddenly changed course and decided to attend the meeting of the foreign ministries of countries that neighbor Iraq, in hopes of harnessing diplomacy to end the crisis. This step requires that the US be willing to talk to Iran at least informally about outstanding bilateral issues. It is among the few pieces of good news we have had from Washington.

Michael McConnell, the director of national intelligence, said on Tuesday that Iraq violence has become self-sustaining. He denied sure knowledge of any direct link between the EFPs hitting US troops and the Iranian leadership.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat reports that US and Iraqi troops near Diwaniya had arrested 142 members of the Army of Heaven Shiite militia.

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