Cole In Salon On British Troop

Cole in Salon on British Troop Withdrawal

My article,
The British retreat from Iraq brings peril for U.S. Troops: Vice President Cheney says the British are leaving southern Iraq because things are going so well. In the real world, Basra is a mess is out in


‘ In reality, southern Iraq is a quagmire that has defeated all British efforts to impose order, and Blair was pressed by his military commanders to get out altogether — and quickly. The departure has only been slowed, for the moment, by the pleas of Bush administration officials like Cheney. And far from the disingenuously upbeat prognosis offered by the vice president, the British withdrawal could spell severe trouble for both the Iraqi government and for U.S. troops in that country. ‘

Read the whole thing.

Also catch Glenn Greenwald’s always stimulating blog, which has a guest piece on whether it is a good idea (as some on the Right have said) to assassinate Iranian scientists . . .

It is a wonderful, daily webzine, and one can avoid the commercial by subscribing, at an amazing low price.

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