Jaafari Expresses Regret Over Us

Jaafari Expresses Regret over US Capture of Iranian Diplomats

At a time when the Bush administration is making wild and unsubstantiated charges against Iran, a leader of Iraq’s ruling Da’wa Party is in Tehran expressing profound regret for the US arrest of Iranian diplomats. He called on Saturday for US troops to depart the country.

IRNA reports on the second day of former Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari’s visit to Iran.

Jaafari, who headed the Iraqi government 2005-2006, praised Iran for its support of the Iraqi state and urged other countries to follow its example.

The article continues:

“Following talks with Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, Ebrahim Jafari in a joint press conference congratulated Iranian people and government on the anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution. He said he shared in the Iranian nation’s happiness and wished prosperity for the nation. . .

[The h]ead of Iraqi Dawa political party said boosting ties between Iran and Iraq benefits all the regional countries. Pointing to his previous visit to Iran as prime minister and also visits by the current Iraqi president and prime minister, Jafari said two-way visits strengthen ties.

He expressed his sorrow at the arrest of Iranian diplomats in Iraq and said efforts are underway by Iraqi president and prime minister with all concerned sides on the issue. The Iranian foreign minister said the stubborn US action in abducting Iranian diplomats should be ended as soon as possible and called on Iraqi government to hold serious talks with occupying US forces to free them.

Mottaki said the pivotal element in the US Iraq policy is to weaken the legal government of Iraq and to jeopardize good and brotheryly relations of the neighboring countries.

Mottaki said that democracy was institutionalized in Iraq during Jafari’s tenure, noting that during the period a referendum was held and Iraqi constitution was ratified in the neighboring country.

Mottaki said Iran supports Maleki government in Iraq and helps with security and peace establishment in this neighboring state.

Iranian foreign minister called for more economic cooperation with Iraq and said Iran has assigned one billion dollars for project in Iraq.”

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