100 Dead In Bombings Violence Iraq

100 Dead in Bombings, Violence;
Iraq, Kurdistan, traded Barbs

After the bombings of a major bridge in Baghdad and the cafeteria of the parliament, guerrillas on Saturday detonated a car bomb at a bus station in the Shiite holy city of Karbala near the shrine of Imam Husayn. Dozens are thought to have been killed or wounded, with early reports of 56 dead and 70 wounded. Because Karbala is sacred to the sentiments of Shiites, any insult to its sanctity is likely to produce a great deal of anger and grief.

In Jadiriya south of Baghdad, a car bomb killed 35 and wounded 50.

The dead included 3 US GIs, with seven wounded. Guerrillas mounted a frontal attack on a US patrol base late Thursday

The Iraqi parliament is defiant after it was bombed on Tuesday.

Further incidents of political violence are reported by Reuters and by the McClatchy ‘s daily roundup.

Civilian deaths are up in the rest of the country, down slightly in Baghdad, since the mid-February beginning of the new security plan.

Iraqi politicians responded sharply to the threats of Turkish general Buyukanit to engage in hot pursuit of the Kurdish PKK into Iraqi territory. Even the Sunni Arab speaker of the parliament, Mahmud Mashhadani, warned the Turks that those who interfered in Iraq would have their hands cut off.

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