Closure Of Sunni Baghdad Satellite

Attack on Sunni Baghdad Satellite Channel Draws Criticism

The US Government Open Source Center translated or paraphrased the following report from Sunni fundamentalist party internet sites;

Iraq: AMS, Iraqi Islamic Party Condemn Attack on Baghdad Channel
Friday, April 6, 2007

The Iraqi Islamic Party WWW-Text in Arabic — website of the Sunni Iraqi Islamic Party, led by Tariq al-Hashimi, available at — is observed on 5 April to post a statement on an attack targeting Baghdad Satellite Channel, television station believed to be sponsored by the Iraqi Islamic Party.

Describing the attack as “a desperate attempt to muzzle the voice of justice” and “a sterile endeavor to foil the efforts to alleviate the injustice inflicted upon the distressed people,” the statement says: “Since its inception, this channel has been committed to moderate national rhetoric, and has taken up the mission of defending Iraqi citizens regardless of their religious or sectarian affiliations.”

Reminding that “this was not the first attack targeting this free voice,” the statement urges the channel’s staff “to carry on with their national efforts despite all the obstacles and risks facing them.”

On 5 April, the Internet website of the Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS) in Iraq, available at, is observed to post a statement “condemning” the attack targeting the premises of Baghdad Satellite Channel.

The statement says: “Targeting media outlets is nothing but another means to muzzle opinions. This crime is a continuation of the suffering which the Iraqi people have been going through for four years due to the occupation that is oppressing them. At a time when the spokesmen for the so-called the security plan talk about their big achievements, the scenario of targeting innocent Iraqis is still raging. While the AMS condemns this outrageous crime, it expresses solidarity with Baghdad Satellite Channel.”

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