Qadhafi Predicts Us Will Lose In Iraq

Qadhafi Predicts US Will Lose in Iraq

The USG Open Source Center has reported on a speech by Libyan leader Moammar al-Qadhafi in which he implicitly compares the US presence in Iraq to the Italian occupation of Libya (1911-1943).

Most Americans do not know about the long decades of European colonial rule of Arab countries, or that modern Arab political identity was formed in the struggle for independence from the West. They therefore tend not to appreciate the natural tendency in the region to see the US role in Iraq as an unwelcome revival of colonial habits.

On the Libyan struggle against Italy, see the Mustafa al-Akkad film, “Lion of the Desert,” an Anthony Quinn vehicle about Omar Mukhtar’s movement.

Libyan leader says US ‘will be defeated in Iraq’
Great Jamahiriyah TV
Saturday, April 28, 2007 T20:11:32Z

Libyan leader says US “will be defeated in Iraq”

At 1752 gmt Libyan TV began relaying live pictures of the Libyan leader giving a speech in Sirte on the 92 anniversary of an historic battle against Italian forces. Standing next to the Libyan leader was the son of Umar al-Mukhtar, the Libyan resistance leader. The speech was held at the gravesite of the “martyrs” of the battle.

The Libyan leader recounted the “heroic” exploits of the Libyans at the battle of Al-Qirdabiyah, in which Italian troops were defeated by the “national resistance”.

He dealt in great detail with the history of armed resistance to Italian colonialism, and the crimes of the Italians against the Libyan people. He suggested that the thousands of “disappeared” Libyans during the colonial period were abducted and taken to Italy. He called for DNA testing of all Italians to ascertain who were of Libyan stock.

The Libyan leader went to condemn “traitors” who had helped the Italians in Libya, drawing modern parallels with “traitors” in Iraq. He condemned all forms of aggression and colonialism, considering that even the Muslim invasion of Andalus to be a mistake and a “fruitless venture”. He heavily criticized the US for invading Iraq. He said its weapons “were ineffective against people who defend their honour and dignity”. He added that the US would realize the futility of using force in Iraq, just as it had done so in Libya. The US he continued, will “regret” invading Iraq, and will withdraw defeated “with its hands over its head”.

He also touched upon current relations with Italy, saying that the Italians had “apologized for their crimes”, and that contemporary Italian leaders “are what we are looking for”. However, he said he would not visit Italy until compensation for the colonial period is fully paid. Only then, he added, would Libya be prepared to sign a treaty of friendship with Italy.

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