Cole On Laffaire Wolfowitz My Column

Cole on L’Affaire Wolfowitz

My column, “Wolfowitz’s Fatal Flaw,” is available at


‘ The small morality play unfolding at the World Bank tells us something significant about how the United States became bogged down in the Iraq quagmire when Wolfowitz was highly influential at the Department of Defense. The simple fact is that Wolfowitz has throughout his entire career demonstrated a penchant for cronyism and for smearing and marginalizing perceived rivals as tactics for getting his way. He has been arrogant and highhanded in dismissing the views of wiser and more informed experts, exhibiting a narcissism that is also apparent in his personal life. Indeed, these tactics are typical of what might be called the “neoconservative style.” ‘

Read the whole thing.

See also Patrick Cockburn, “America’s Long Iraq Nightmare.”

Note that since Salon is giving away a book with the subscription, it is virtually free, and it wasn’t that much to begin with (like 5 cups of Starbucks.)

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