Logic Lesson On Iraq And Terror For

Logic Lessons on Iraq and Terror for Bush and McCain

The Palm Beach Post editorial on Bush’s illogic does what newspapers are supposed to do. It questions the logicality of a politician’s assertion. Last week Bush gave a news conference in which he was asked why Bin Laden hadn’t been caught. He said, “because he is hiding.” No one in the vaunted White House press corps replied to him, “Mr. President, that is a tautology.”

So here is the logic lesson from Palm Beach:

‘See if you can follow this argument: The United States has to be in Iraq to fight the terrorists who are in Iraq because the United States is in Iraq. ‘

Hear, hear.

Meanwhile, John McCain thinks Bin Laden will follow us home from Iraq if the US withdraws its forces from that country. Note to the senator: Bin Laden is not in Iraq and is unlikely even to be in much contact with it.

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