Lobe On Neocons And Public Diplomacy

Lobe on Neocons and Public Diplomacy
Boston Review on Iran

Veteran journalist and neocon watcher, Jim Lobe points out that as the Neoconservatives have lost direct political power, they have emerged in key positions in public diplomacy– especially Radio Farda (‘Radio Marti’ for Iran) and al-Hurra (the US-owned Arabic satellite tv channel that is struggling with viewership).

No one knows more about the Neconservative movement than Jim Lobe; he is worth bookmarking.

Also, check out The Boston Review‘s current issue, on Iran.

Robert Antonio on the US economic war against Iran.

Justin Raimondo also addresses this economic war.

Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, who was overthrown by the CIA in 1953, was described in the American press with precisely the same adjectives as is Ahmadinejad today.

A recent article on the reaction of Iran’s neighbors to its nuclear program is available on the web. Click on “html” to view.

And, on Palestine, see Richard Augustus Norton’s canny piece at The Boston Globe.

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