Napoleons Egypt I Just Received

Napoleon’s Egypt

I am repeating this posting for Monday, since many readers skip the weekends.

I just received an advance copy of my new book, Napoleon’s Egypt: Invading the Middle East. I’m a proud parent/author and breaking out the virtual cigars. I think Palgrave Macmillan did a stellar job with the editing and production. The actual publication date is August 7.

This episode, all too little known, was the first instance of a modern European country attempting to invade, occupy and “liberate” an Arab, Muslim Middle Eastern region.

I have started a historical blog on the book as a place to put up some materials that might interest readers of the book, as a sort of supplement. If I get time I may do some translating or posting of translated texts.

The first posting was of the relevant portion of a PBS documentary on Bonaparte, which covers the Egyptian expedition.


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