Analysis Of Al Malikis Cabinet

Analysis of al-Maliki’s Cabinet

Regarding the collapsing al-Maliki government, an informed observer writes:

“The analysis of the current composition of the Council of Ministers is now complete. There are 38 Cabinet-level positions, not 40 as sometimes reported in the mainstream press-media. If the AP-reported number of 17 Ministers is correct, the non-participating Ministers would be the following 12: Justice, Planning; Health, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Transportation, Communications, Culture, Human Rights, Tourism and Antiquities, [Minister of State for] Foreign Affairs, [Minister of State for] Governorate Affairs, [Minister of State for] Women’s Affairs plus 5 of the following 7: Immigration and Displaced Persons, Labor and Social Affairs, Youth and Sports, Civil Society Affairs, Council of Representatives Affairs and 2 Ministers of State without portfolio.

Viewed from the opposite perspective, the Ministries listed below are held by SIIC, Da’awa and the KRG (the “Quadripartite Coalition” or the Hadley Memorandum “alternative political base coalition”). The relatively weight of the Ministries held by the KRG is apparent. The defect in the Hadley Memorandum remains the 20-vote deficiency from a majority of 138. Of the 7 Ministries held by the IAF, the Iraqi Islamic Party has 4, the party of Dulaimi has 2 and the party of As’ad Kamal Muhammad Abdallah al-Hashimi, Minister of Culture (Iraqi Accord Front – Al-Tawafuq) has himself. Regarding the Minister of Defense, the following formulations of his name have been reported: Abdul Qadir Muhammed Ja[s]sim, a Sunni Arab, as the new Minister of Defense. Iraqi Minister of Defense Abdel Qader al-Obeidi Iraqi Minister of Defense Abd al-Qadir al-Mufriji

Other points include the importance of coordination between and among the Ministries of Industry, Trade, Transportation and Tourism, 2 of whom remain. Jack SIIC: Baqir Jabr al-Zubaydi (a.k.a. Bayan Jabr), Minister of Finance (Unified Iraqi Coalition – SCIRI) Riyad Ghurayyib, Minister of Municipalities and Public Works (Unified Iraqi Coalition – Badr Organization) Dr. Akram al-Hakim, Minister of State for the National Dialogue Affairs (Unified Iraqi Coalition – SIIC) Da’awa: Dr. Khudayyir al-Khuza’i Minister of Education (Unified Iraqi Coalition – Dawa [Al-Anzi]) Dr. Abd-al-Falah al-Sudani, Minister of Trade (Unified Iraqi Coalition – Dawa [Al-Anzi]) Shirwan Kamil al-Waili, Minister of State for National Security KRG: Dr. Barham Salih, Deputy Prime Minister (Kurdistan Coalition – PUK) Hoshayr Zebari, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Unified Iraqi Coalition – KDP) Fawzi al-Hariri, Minister of Industry (Kurdistan Coalition – KDP [Christian]) Dr. Latif Rashid, Minister of Water Resources (Kurdistan Coalition – PUK) Mrs. Bayan Daza’i, Minister of Housing and Construction (Kurdistan Coalition – KDP) Mrs. Narmin Uthman, Minister of Environment (Kurdistan Coalition – PUK) “

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