Obama Sticks To His Guns Senator Obama

Obama Sticks to his Guns

Senator Obama still can’t see why it is controversial for him to threaten to violate Pakistan’s sovereignty to get at the Arab al-Qaeda in Waziristan.

His comments of last week roiled US-Pakistani relations.

What he should be saying is that if he had an opportunity to deploy a Predator against Bin Laden he would do it, and that he is sure that Gen. Musharraf would cooperate. He is setting up an unlikely hypothetical, and in the hypothetical he is setting up an ally as essentially an enemy (implying that Musharraf is covering for Bin Laden or something).

His remarks suggested that he is attached to the Bush Doctrine of unilateral and preemptive military action, which violates the United Nations Charter. In the Republican debate, the candidate that sounded closest to Obama’s stance on this was Rudy Giuliani. That should tell you something.

And he is angering the Pakistani public for no good reason. (I mean, if Musharraf, whom al-Qaeda has twice tried to kill with bombs, can’t find them, how likely is it that Obama can?) His remarks are remarkably flat-footed for someone who has read the history of British colonialism in Kenya; isn’t this just a variant of the White Man’s Burden, a way of saying that the Wily Oriental Gentlemen aren’t up to it?

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