Zogby: Slight Surge for Edwards, McCain; Giuliani Slips

New Zogby Poll (reprinted by permission) confirms Edwards surge in Iowa but disconfirms Romney lead or Huckabee decline.

‘UTICA, New York—The race for the Democratic presidential nomination tightened slightly over the last 24 hours, but Senator Hillary Clinton retained her edge over rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards, a new Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby daily tracking poll in Iowa shows.

Clinton dropped from 31% to 30%, but maintained a four-point edge over Obama, who also lost a point, according to the latest Zogby survey. [Cole: What they don’t say is that, as in the McClatchy poll released Sunday, Edwards numbers inched up.]

Democrats—Iowa Tracking

Dates of Poll: 12-27/30 12-26/29

Clinton 30% 31%

Obama 26% 27%

Edwards 26% 24%

Richardson 5% 5%

Biden 5% 5%

On the Republican side, Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, lost a bit of ground to Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas. Huckabee retained 29% support among likely Republican caucus-goers, while Romney slipped from 28% to 27% support . . . [Cole: McCain went from 11% to 13% and Thompson was stuck at 8%; Giuliani slipped a point to 7%]

The telephone tracking survey of Democrats included 899 likely caucusgoers surveyed over three days. The margin of error for the Democratic survey was +/ 3.3 percentage points. For the telephone survey of likely Republican caucusgoers, the sample included 876 people over three days, carrying a margin of error of +/ 3.3 percentage points.

For a complete methodological statement on these surveys, please visit: Zogby Methodology ‘

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