Fallujah Bombing Kills 4 Police; Al-Maliki offers Amnesty; Honor Killings of Iraqi Women Rise

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki offered an amnesty in Mosul to those guerrillas who lay down their arms and accept money from him.

Also, a bombing in Fallujah killed 4 policeman and wounded 9 others.

Mobile phone images of hanky panky are getting Iraqi women murdered in ‘honor killings.’

One reason that the Iraqi Shiite elite would dislike it if relations with Iran spiralled down: They are hoping that religious pilgrimage from Iran will make them rich.

UPI’s ‘Iraq Press Roundup’.

McClatchy reports political violence in Iraq on Friday:

‘ Baghdad

A roadside bomb targeted an Iraqi army patrol in Zafaraniyah, southeast Baghdad at 9 am Friday injuring 2 civilians.

A roadside bomb exploded near al-Nahdha bus station in central Baghdad at 11 this morning killing 1 civilian, injuring 3.

3 mortar rounds slammed into the Ghazaliyah police station, west Baghdad, which is being used as a US military base at 11.15 am. No casualties were reported.

3 mortar rounds slammed into the former Central Markets building in Shaab, North Baghdad, which is being used as a US military base at 11.15 am. No casualties were reported.

Medical sources inside Sadr city reported 11 injuries and 2 deaths including women and children brought in from al-Shamaiyah and Rashad neighbourhoods, two eastern suburbs of Baghdad, at 4 pm Friday.

4 unidentified bodies were found in Baghdad today by Iraqi Police. 1 in Fdhailiyah; 1 woman in Karrada; 1 in Zafaraniyah and 1 in Doura.


A car bomb driven by a suicide bomber exploded targeting al-Harith police station, on the eastern route at the entrance into Fallujah city at 2.18 pm Friday. The explosion killed 1 baby, six months old, and injured 7 civilians including one woman and her 2 month old baby girl as well as 5 policemen. The civilian injuries and casualty were a result of glass splinters from the shattered window panes of nearby houses.

1 policeman was shot at by gunmen in al-Ameriyah/Fallujah, 30 km to the south of Fallujah city at 4 pm. The bullet lodged in his stomach and his situation is critical.


This afternoon, renewed Iranian bombardment continued for two hours upon 6 border villages in Bashdar district, to the northeast of Sulaimaniyah city. Although no casualties resulted from these attacks the residents of these villages are leaving their homes and taking their livestock with them up the mountain.

1 unidentified body was found in Sirwan Lake, near DarbendiKhan dam Friday. The 30 year old man was shot dead and his body was thrown into the lake.’

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