Sunday Blogivision; McCain calls for Negotiations with Hamas

Some telling video clips for a lazy Sunday:

Via Josh Marshall’s TPM Veracifier: John McCain says the US will have to negotiate with Hamas at some point, since they are the government. (They are still the government in Gaza.)

Obama replies to Bush’s ‘appeasement’ crack in Israel:

Condi Rice says she will meet the Iranian foreign minister “any time, any place” if Iran will suspend enrichment activities. She says the question is not why the Bush administration won’t talk to Iran, since it will. The question is why Iran won’t talk to the Bush administration:

Joe Biden points out that Bush’s government talked with North Korea and Iran, both of which it considers terrorist states:

Chris Matthews nails talk radio hatehead Kevin James for having no idea who Neville Chamberlain was while deploying the “appeasement” trope against Obama. When Chris Matthews asks you why you are shouting, you are really shouting.

Lebanese people hope for a solution to their crisis (via Aljazeera English):

In the Kuwaiti election, women candidates are pushing for change (Aljazeera English):

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