Hansen: Try CEOs of Big Oil for Fraud

NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen called for the CEOs of the oil majors to be put on trial for obstructing efforts to stop global warming and for misinforming the public about the issue.

Video of his testimony:

Could we also try the Board and Staff of the American Enterprise Institute, which is the “think tank” weasel that Exxon Mobil used to muddy the waters on the science of climate change.

Note too a very suspicious set of coincidences. Lee Raymond, CEO of Exxon Mobil until 2006, is the vice chairman of the AEI board.

The AEI was the major cheerleader for the war in Iraq.

So it looks like the Oil Majors are multitasking. Their “think tank” is giving out money to bribe scientists to deny global warming. And it gave out a lot of advice about how to go to war in Iraq.

My own suggestion would not be so much trial as exile. I think the American Enterprise Institute should be removed to Fallujah, where their expertise is so needed. And where they can get a taste in the summer of what real heat is.

John McCain, too, is speaking out of both sides of his mouth, saying he wants to go green but actually urging drilling off the US coast so as to put more carbon dioxide into the air.

And then McCain wants to offer a $300,000 mn. prize for breakthroughs in battery technology. He seems to live in an ancient era when lone geniuses could invent things in their guest rooms. The kind of thing he is looking for could only be accomplished by big government or big business, and he is offering chump change in corporate terms.

The problem needs hundreds of billions of dollars, not millions.

Oh, that’s right, I forgot. We don’t have them. Because the Republican Party spent them in Iraq.

So as to get more oil out of the ground.

Which will cause more global warming.

War, oil, it is all the same.

Only if we get big breakthroughs in solar can we avoid our asses being cooked.

No, I mean really. Cooked.

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